Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I think I get it now..

Okay so I think I have got how to use it. And now that i know.... I have to admit... Its kind of fun! So spenser and I, as you know, were married August twenty-3rd 2008. Nothing really exciting has happened since that... Except, I recantly quit My wonderful, well paying job as an oral surgeons assistant, to work as a designer/delivery girl at a flower shop, where I get paid almost half as much... Now some of you might think I am completely crazy, but i have decided that i want to do something I love and I am trying to find that. I want a job that I love and I can be happy doing for... pretty much ever. So that is why I have decided to work at the flower shop, bloomers (who did my flowers for my wedding! they are wonderful!), go to hair school, and take some college classes! Ha ha.... It should be interesting, but I am detemined to find the career for me!

Any ways, enough about that! We have had one other little change... We have added a new member to the fam.... GRIZZ! bella needed a little brother. We took him to his first vet app. and at six weeks he weighed 16.5lbs. (bella at a yr. weighing 7.4lbs) Oh and he is a Saint Bernard! Ha Ha and he is definently going to be a challenge.... for spenser.. he's not my dog!

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