Saturday, November 29, 2008


This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving I have ever had not at my Grandmas, not with my cousins, and not with my PARENTS! And I have to say, I was a little nevious at first. My parents went for Vegas for a totally nontraditional thanksgiving (my brother had a pigskin so there was no chance in going with them, and we were not driving up north, therefore.... No Grandma... It was Spenser's Parents turn anyways, but it was my first Thanksgiving without my family... so you can see I was a little sceptical. But it turns out Everything was great! There was even a Traditional Thanksgiving day family fight!! I don't know about every one else but thats deffinently is a tradition in my family! ususally between my sometimes say to much aunt, and my very short fused mother... This year spenser made me feel right at home when him and his older brother got into a joking gone worng tiff... IT WAS GREAT!! Now theres the Thanksgiving Spirit!! They got over that fast and it was so much fun spending the holiday with my new family! Oh and of course the FOOD was amazing! I am definently greatful to have such an awesome new family (greatful... you know.. cause its thanksgiving...) It was AWESOME!! I hope there rest of the year goes just a good! happy holidays!

I also made a new friend.... spensers... niece... Kind of.. Vanessa!

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