Saturday, February 7, 2009

Interesting Doctors App.

So about the pass month or so I had been feeling sick; diarriha, neausa, weird pains. Every time I ate I would feel that way. So, I googled it (of course) and it came up with chronic neausa after eating. And it matched everything that was happening. So I decided to make a doctors app. to see if that is what I had, and if there was something I could take or do to stop it. They got me in as soon as they could (they said it sounded serious). Friday morning I went to my app. And I got to do some fun test... haha not.... Then to doctor turned to me and said.. "Have you taken a pregnancy test?" "Well no." I repiled. Of course I wasnt pregnant. That didn't even pop in my head, not to mention I hadn't missed mother natures gift yet... At least I thought I hadn't. So odvoiusly after that answer I was told to pee in a cup. I waited for a few minutes, then the doctor came in am said "you are about 4 weeks along!" HOLY WHAT?!! yep. for weeks! haha so I guess I am prego! Crazy! We were not expecting it but we are very excited! YEAY!!!


Jeff and Amy said...

Yay Haley!!!! I'm so excited for you! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling good, but so exciting! Do you know the due date? Sometime in September? AHH! I am just so excited for you guys! But good luck with your new years resolution to lose 10 lbs! I put on an insane amount and am just now back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Keep your blog updated with whats going on- I'll be interested to hear how it is going.

Sierra and Cade said...

WOOT WOOT! I am so excited for you two. You are going to pop out the cutest little baby EVER!! I am so excited. But to be honest.. I am a little bummed I lost a riding partner for 9 months.. but i understand! I am happy you found m on the blogger world. lets get together sometime and play k?!

Myles N Amanda said...

wahoo! super excited! even though the first 3months dont seem to go by fast enough..