Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Memorial weekend was deffinently eventful. Saturday, Spenser and I drove to Vegas for my cousins wedding! which was beautiful, and had AMAZING FOOD!! After spending a few hours there we drove home at about 10. I fell asleep and woke up in my worst FEAR! Spenser had ran out of gas..... in the gorge!! at 11:50 at NIGHT! Spenser got out and tried to find sevice while i sat in the truck and cried.... (i am pregnant and terrified of being stuck somewhere with no service! as far as i new we were going to die!) you never know what could happen what if some one didn't see spense walking around and turned a little too tight around a turn and hit him. of what if the slammed into the whole truck. or what if some crazy person driving though saw the advantage to kill to innocent people! Or Just spenser but made me watch! or what if some one just decided to kill spenser and i was stuck there all alone with a dead husband! or what if freaky hills have eyes people came down from the cliffs and ate us! or.... i could go on for hours!! I was TERRIFED!
After about 20minutes of finding service Spenser got ahold of his friend Jake! YEAY! and jake got up from bed and brought us GAS!! MY HERO!! Thanks JAKE!
After that long horrible night, sunday morning we got up at 4:30 to drive to sundance for spensers downhill racing. And I got the privliege of sitting in the back with grizz! (who doesnt know how to share the back seat!!) When we got there it was frezzing and raining! But spenser had to practice! So he did a few runs and beat him self up, sliding every which way in the mud.. and he broke his new helmet! (at least it wasnt his head) Finally we checked into our hotel and we went to dinner.... and got to bed around ten... only to get up at 6. to get to the race! Monday was a beautiful day. and of course i got fried! But after all of that CRAP... Spenser ended up getting second place! YEAY FOR SPENSER!! good for him!

Fattie me, Spense, Austin, and our little pup grizz.

Spense, Austin, Austin's DAd, and Grizz

some scenery

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