Monday, July 13, 2009


For the 4TH or July this year we went to Park City!! Well deer valley.... which I believe is the same thing... or like washington and st. George.. Any ways, it was so much fun even though I didn't get to go mountain biking! apparently its to dangerous for pregnant women, GAY!! But it was still fun. We stay in a condo with the Vancleves, and it was very nice.. We went to the Canyons and road a standing lift.... FUN! And we got stuck in traffic for an hour.. haha. on the fourth we went to a near by park and watched the fire works! The 4th of July is deffinently one of my favorite holidays! Next to halloween of course!!

A Belly shot! at the condo..

Spenser walkin with Kera, Argie, and kayla to the park

Me swinging (my favorite) right after I biffed it on the way to the swings.. (I was too excited)

Spenser wearing Kera's stars.... how cute... Sierra tired to get in the pic... haha

Baby is kickin! Sierra, belly, and me!

Spenser and Chuba Chuba Prego!!


Myles N Amanda said...

CUTE! looks like your having to much fun being prego!

Sierra and Cade said...

AHH We had so much fun up there with you guys! I cant wait till you have your baby and we can go biking!! We just need to invest in a little trailer to pull the babe along with us! ha ha anywho.. I love that we are friends and we need to get togehter for our little crafty day!