Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't think she is coming.... But I am dreaming of the days that...
-my back doesn't hurt
-I am getting up 5 times a night to feed my baby, not to PEE!
-I can lay comfortably
-I can fit though thing side ways
-I can wear my wedding ring
-I can go mountain biking
-I can LAY on my STomACH!
-not peeing 20 times a day
-There is enough room in my tummy for FOOD!
-I am not sick every night
-my nose isn't stuffy any more
-my feet fit in my HEELS.
-I have a name for my baby
-I can do a back bend (and not puke)
-I can eat spegatti at night
-I don't have to carry my tums with me
-Running without waddling!!
-not feeling round
-picking boxes up in front, instead of on my side
-brushing my teeth without puking or gaging
-baby hickups in my arms instead of in my BELLY!
-people saying you look good, instead of WOW your BIG!
-wearing normal Clothing
I just can't wait!!!


d bulloch said...

wow 2 more days!!!! Hopefully she comes soon so I can visit you!

kori_leach said...

Oh Haley... its a good thing when they say you are big, I think being big when your pregnant is sooo cute, and your only big in your stomach, you dont even look like you've gained weight anywhere else!

Sierra and Cade said...

ha ha I love Haley!!