Monday, November 2, 2009


It was McKinley's first halloween! Which she pretty much slept threw.. We went over to the Achibalds house and passed out candy. Little Mckinley was the cutest little flower. Of course, because we weren't at home she peed on her onesie, and puked all over my bee tutu. So, for half the night she was just in her flower, and I was all wet! Haha, but it was the best halloween ever! I love my little flower!

Lee was frankinstean.... I didnt even notice he was way taller then normal! I guess because I am always lookin up at him anyways...

Everyone dress up, except party pooper spenser!

I think Mckinley Enjoyed her first Halloween!


d bulloch said...

So cute. My dog was a flower and I was a ladybug... we should have hung out because my hubby was a party pooper too. He hates halloween. Looks like you guys had fun.

Kyle and April Moore said...

you and your baby are sooo cute! i can't wait to meet her!!