Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eventful Day!

Today was a very Eventful day. And because these pictures didnt upload in order for some reason, I am not going to tell you in order... not that you care or anything... Any ways, Here is Mckin Dress up in her polar bear coat, and Adorable bonett, Spenser Grandma made! We were going to go let grizz play in the snow in pine valley, but ended up at the dog park instead... either way it was cold and she was all nice and bundled up!!
Earlier today I was looking online at some bows.... and well I tried to make one.. it is so big its halarious on her tiny chuncker baby head!
Here is the bow close up....
Today, I also decided to add some finishing touches to her room. I made some pillows for her crib. Made a M for her dresser, and finished the Stuff hanging one her wall..
Spenser also sent me FLOWERS today!! What a loving husband I have! I put them in Mckin's room because I thought they matched perfectly! What a fun day!


ThE OlCoTtS... said...

Her room is soooo cute!!! you did such a great job!!

Kilie and Robby Lehman said...

I love the colors in her room! I just pain love this nursery!! soooo adorable!