Saturday, March 5, 2011

16 months.. and crazy!

McKinley is 16 mths now. And she is a handful!
She loves her trike.
She Likes doing her hair now.
She love putting on make up.
She says Please, and Thank you.
She hates being dirty.
She still loves doggies.
She loves to tickle. When you lift you arms she says "ticko ticko" and scratches you pretty hard.. not pleasant..
She kicks Bella and Addi (dogs at my parents) and say GO!
She will follow me around and talk on her phone.
She High fives, and pounds it.
When you say I love you she goes "MMMM" and waits for a kiss.
In the morning When spenser says it on his way out she waits for her kiss and says "Mmm" and points to my lips.. after Spenser kisses me she laughs. haha..
She loves pizza, she ate almost 2 pieces of an extra large today!
She know where her; Nose, eyes, brows, belly button, toes, fingers, hair, cheeks, and sub clavicular notch is. (do you?)
She says about 15-20 words now!! so crazy!
She loves babies. When she see one she says "oh, Ba-by" quietly.
She loves my friends baby Ryder, She tries to hold him.
She love to hug him, and take his binky out to give him kisses, then puts the binky right back in.
She loves to dance.
When she is doing something she isn't suppose to and I come in she screams and runs out..
that's all I can think of right now... hopefully I can update a little more frequently!

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