Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HEllo! It has been awhile since I have blogged anything. That is because sitting at the computer for that long made me very sick! Haha! But I think I am on my way to the good side now! I am not as sick... and I am sick less times for the day. YEAY!! I have showered!!!! and I shaved my legs!! HURRAY!! I have even had enough strength to start cleaning again!!! (my poor house) I have started pucking a little more, but I am sick less!

Since I haven't blogged we have done a few ( not much) but a few things, so here are some pictures!

First, Spenser raced his rhino in winkenburg Arizona. He got fourth in his category and 10th out of everyone! way to go spenser! It was amazing he even got to race, because the might before the race spenser wanted to get to know the land and test out his ride. One of the axis' broke mid turn and whipped them right into a very large 25ft. cactus! They got it back to camp and realised we need parts..... so we drove to prescott (about 90miles away) to spensers friend Lance's house to get what they needed. We got back around 11 so it was too dark to work. so even though the race started at 11 the next morning, they decided to wait til morning! When they got up they had about 3 hours to take off, relube, and put back the whole left side!!! They started working as fast as they could, and they finished with no time to waste... not even a test drive!

Here they are trying to finish before the race begins.... this is about 20 minutes before they had to me there!!! I really thought they werent going to make it!

But they made it!! it was unbelieveable!

And off they go!!!

A few weekends after that I got to do Jessica and Jasons Engagment Pictures! It was so much fun, and they are adorable together! And here in a few week we are doing there bridals! that will be so much fun! I can't wait! her dress is gorgous!! And she is wearing TURQUOISE shoes!!! SO FUN!!


The Mangum's said...

love the engagemtns!! and i feel so bad for you.. i cant imagine being that sick.. all for a baby haha.. it will be more than worth it!

The Strattons said...

hey everybody, i am just sending this out to everyone whose email i didnt get! we have gone private, so if you would like to view our blog, email us at and we will invite you! thanks!
beau & stef stratton