Sunday, April 5, 2009

This weekend I did Jessica Strattons Bridals. She is Halarious, we had so much fun! We got some really fun shots! I can't believe her wedding is in 6 WEEKS!! I am so glad I am not planning one right now!! That is too stressful! Oh and in other news.. I am now a consultant for Heritage Maker Photo books.. They are so much fun and such a good idea! They are Hard back books that you can put your pictures in.. And they can look however you want! Like scrapbooks but after 2 years of looking through it the decals wont fall off and get suck to a picture... haha I hate it when that happens! Anyways if you want to know more about heritage Makers let me know, you can make photo books, recipe books, scrapbook pages, invitations, wedding sign in books, calenders, and so much more! And its very reasonably priced!!


Karl said...

Haley, you do such a good job...How would you feel about coming to our house for a weekend when all my kids are close by and do some family shots...I will even fix some good food..Let me know how much your setting fees are and such..
Hope your feeling well.
Love Lori (Cam's Mom) :)

bloomers said...

Haley you are amazing!!! Jessica looks gorgeous :) and your photography is awesome!! Keep it up!

Myles N Amanda said...

OMG! i would tottally love that here is my email email me your phone number!