Friday, August 7, 2009


I got my crib delivered yesterday! In a Huge box, taller then me. But we couldn't open it yet because we had Ryans (brother inlaw) birthday dinner to go to. We were gone maybe an hour and a half and we come home to a house full of 3 inch pieces of cardboard! Grizz had wripped the whole box apart!! The first thing I saw was a piece of chewed wood... ... I started to ball, and I ran into my room shut the door and got in the bath (that is a good place to cry). While is socked in the tub, spenser cleaned up the mess. After He cleaned up he came in and told me it wasn't that bad. But I wasn't about to go out there and see what he had done to my crib. I was too pissed! I would have killed that dumb dog or maybe just put him out front and just left him to run away.... So, because of the things I was thinking to do to grizz, I stayed in the bedroom and went to sleep. The next morning (this morning) I woke up ready to see what I was going to have to fix..... Turns out Grizz only chewed on the wood that doesn't show. So, After I spent hours putting it together (I can't beleive how meny parts its came in, some was competely unneseccary) None of the teeth marks show... He is one lucky dog!


The Mangum's said...

cute!! very exciting! my sogs ate my furniture too.. not the nursery stuff but my coffee table and end tables, book cases, walls.. etc.. thank goodness they grew out of that! where did you order your crib from?

The Mangum's said...