Monday, January 25, 2010

last few weeks.....

Sadly, this weekend was our last weekend with Grizz. He decided it was best for him if he was with a family with a yard. The family we found lives up north with a big yard. They have a 12 year old girl, Grizz will be her dog. So Grizz will have a best friend who will play with him all the time! We were sad to see him go, but I have to say, I LOVE not cleaning up hair!! And the SMELL is almost gone!!! YEAY! We will miss you Grizz, But not your shedding!

Also, A few weeks ago we took a trip to Fontana California. Very fun.... but not! haha. Spenser had a race there so we rented a RV and Drove there with Mckin, Ryan, Eric, and Angie... oh and Grizz!!! haha What a mess! It was fun, but I dont think will be doing that again anytime soon. But fontana was beautiful! ABout 80 Degrees the whole weekend! McKinley loved the sun!!

Here she is in the RV..

And Also, in these last few weeks, Mckinley Marie Turned 3 MONTHS! I can't beleive it. I am so excited to watch her grow..
*She smiles all the time!!
*Laughs at Chelsea Lately, and Cassidy (my sister) Beatboxing!
*She has found her hands and is Contantly eating her whole fist!!
*She has resently started rubbing her eyes when she is tired... So cute!
*She loves to stand!
*she LOVES the Bumbo!
*She mostly sleeps Threw the night.. (10-4 eats the 4:15-9:30)
I can't wait to see what else she learns!! I love being a Mom!!

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Jeff and Amy said...

Love the sunglasses! She is such a cutie!~