Sunday, March 28, 2010


Mckinley is 5 months now, and is starting to sit up! Its crazy how fast the time goes. And jessica, Thanks for leaving the boppy pillow thing at my house, I now know that I NEED one. Haha, they are perfect for when she sits up for a min. then falls back, so she doesn't hit her head. And I will bring yours back tonight. We will be over that way!

She LOVES being outside, she can be so pissed off and crying and you just take her outside and she is happy as can be!

These are her 5 month pics.
*She loves Pears
*She is starting to sit up
*She is a very happy baby
*She has a love hate relation ship with her Sauser Toy
*She loves to grab faces
*Is a mommas girl
*She fake crys! oh boy, thats fun....
Those a just a few things I can think of right now! She is so much fun!

I got to change this fun diaper the other day! And I thought, you know what, other people will LOVE to see this too!!! hahahahaha


Erin and Cory said...

NASTY!! haha! Nash pooped and it flew and hit the wall the other day!! and i get peed on daily!! the joys of motherhood!! i wouldnt trade it for anything!

Craig & Mandi Hessing said...

Cute pictures, minus the last one! :) I remember those days of nasty diapers. It still happens occasionally, but not to that extent. We're now more concerned with Aislyn peeing on the floor while trying to potty train her!

Myles N Amanda said...

oh sick!!! ha ha we could have gone with out the picture of her poop up her back!! hahahahahahaahhaha. ever since you left me and my sister have been trying to be crafty!