Saturday, May 22, 2010


I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog this month because we have been just having too much fun! Mckinley is 7 months now!! CRAZY! She is all over the place!
*She is arming crawling like crazy!
*She is SO close to crawling on her knees
*She can sit herself up
*And get down from sitting up
*She is taking a bottle now! and LOVES it!!
*She smacks her lips when shes hungry..
She is getting so big its crazy! If you look in this picture it looks like we might get some curly hair! She have one curl! Its SO cute!!!

This last weekend Mckinley and I took a trip up north! She was invited to do pose for a website for a baby sling company. It was so much fun doing the photo shoot! And she was SO good!! we were there for over 3 hours and she was happy and posed perfect the whole time! The Photographer was so impressed. The website should be up and running the end of june, so I will post it on here when it comes up! I can't wait to see the pictures! While we were up there my aunt did some fun pictures for her 7 months shoot! They turned out so cute! This is one of them......

Here she is in her first pair of JELLIES!! I am not big on baby shoes but when I saw these I just couldn't resist!

We also have been swimming alot. And Mckinley LOVES it! She gets so excited and, splashes and kicks the whole time!

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Kyle and April Moore said...

she is so dang cute! i can't believe how big she is now!