Monday, June 7, 2010

Mckinley Lately!

Mckinley is 7 and 1/2 months now, and is get around like crazy!!
She LOVES water!!! Swimming is her favorite!
She is still army crawling
She can sit herself up
She can pull herself so she is standing on the side of the couch!
And can walk to get what she wants on the couch (holding on the couch of course)
She climbs all over me when i am on the floor

It is crazy watching her grow and learn SO FAST!! I love it!! every minute!!


Myles N Amanda said...

its only going to get better! i seriously love the pot picture i just cant stop thinkin how flippin cute it is! hahahahah

Kyle and April Moore said...

aww you should turn this picture in for modeling or reminds me of anne geddes! too cute!

Lori said...

Haley... seriously the cutest pic!!
She is adorable.

Syd & Kade said...

I love the pot picture!
You are amazing!
I finally started a blog!