Saturday, July 3, 2010

i have been a little lazy lately and not updating my blog.... but here are a few pics!!

This is Mckin with her friend Nash up at brian head watching dad and his friends ride... fun little trip!!
We found this little guy at Target, and Mckin fell in love! She loves Woody!!

She is eating foods now! She LOVES Speghatti! and Mak n Cheese!

We went swimming with friend Eva... they are almost the same age! Eva is 2 weeks younger..

Mckinley is still a big mamas girl!
She is crawling and climbing!
she says MAMA!!!
loves to feed herself!
She loves to cuddle!
she likes to go shopping!
LOVES outside!
shes into EVERYTHING!
She is so fun, I can't believe how big she is getting!!
I can't wait to see MORE!!

oh and this is my NEW hair.....

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Em said...

Brennan sleeps with the same woody! We also have a buzz.