Monday, July 26, 2010

this month.....

Okay so alot has happened this month..... okay not really... but here are a few things that did!!!

We went to the lake... Mckinley seemed to like it!

Here is Mckinley and her friend Rylee!

She liked just flouting.....

She couldn't move in her live vest... so she just sat....

here are her nine month Photos, They turned out so FUN.

For the forth we went to my Parents and played with sparklers and my camera.

Here is Mckinleys "3rd" of July outfit!

We went to the Park with some of our favorite friends to watch the fireworks!!

Mckinley was amazed by them!

all and all July has been fun and Mckinley is growing like a weed!
-She is Crawling all over the place and into everything!!
-She says MOM
-She will stick her tongue out at you, if you do it to her.
-She is quite the gabber... constantly making sounds!
-She is a little daredevil like her dad!
-She loves putting her face under water... (not too fun to me!)

Well there are a few things... hopefully I can keep up on my blog alittle better!!

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