Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brian Head!!

So I am going to try to keep up with my blog now! Here was our weekend....... We went to brian head with our friends Erin, Cory and they adorable baby boy Nash.. It was freezing, but very refreshing! We stayed at the grand, which was very nice. The boys rode their bikes and the girls (and nash) played in the pool and chilled at the hotel... It was a pretty relaxing trip.. I enjoyed it. Here are some pics!

here was are hotel room!!

Mckinley excited to be there...

Mckinley giving Nash kisses

Mckinley: 9 1/2 mths. Nash: 5 1/2 mths

fell asleep on the walk

Playing on the blanket... (obviously)

Mckinley Screaming at us....

waiting for dad to do his last run...

enjoying her sippy... she loves it!

in the rain storm!

1 comment:

Erin and Cory said...

i think mckinley is in love!! haha!! they are the cutest little couple ever!