Monday, August 16, 2010

Mckin lately...

-Mckinley isn't walking yet, but she is pushing anything she can around, and walking along the furniture!
-She Loves EGGS!!
-She loves her sippy!

-She was afraid of the bath for a little bit (she fell one bath time) but she loves them again now that there is BUBBLES!!

-She LOVES friends!! she gives them "loves"

-She is a great little model when I get ready for shoots!

-She loves her "not my baby" book, She can look at herself forever!
-She doesn't like her own toys.... but loves other babies toys..
-She doesn't cry to get what she wants... she SCREAMS then smiles...
-She says MAMA, DADA, BABA, HI, and growls...
-She loves music (she dances to it)
-She Loves to mimic sounds I make..
She is growing up so fast... I can't wait to see the new things she does!!
Oh and we went to the Dr. and she is in the 25th percentile now...
18lbs and 27inches long.


Kyle and April Moore said...

she's getting so big! she's so cute!

Morgan & Heidi Taylor said...

Hey this is Heidi from the play group the other day at Amanda's. I'm just now checking out your blog and your little girl is adorable! i love all the pics you have of her every month that are on the side of your blog. I will invite you to mine :)