Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Okay, so I have 23 days til my due date! Crazy, I am so excited for so meny reasons. I can lay on my stomach! I won't be sick any more (hopefully). I know I will be exasted, but I would trade being sick for being tired any day! I still need to find a Pediatrician, so if any one has heard of any one good let me know. my ankles haven't gotten swollen. That is, I think the only good thing right now. I am ready to POP! haha

This pic is actually from a month ago... haha I am bigger now..

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ThE OlCoTtS... said...

dr. nyygaard is bostons he is the best he is at red rock pediatrics in the new hospital but he is really hard to get into if you cant dr. marsden is in the same office :)