Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I got up first thing and got a spa pedicure. It was the best thing ever! After that I finally got my car cleaned. YEAY! clean car! After spending what felt like forever in my car, I got an Idea to make something... so i headed to roberts to get some fall leaves, berrys, and acorns.... And made this......

After finishing my M, spenser came home and we went to look at cars.. I was very close to getting a brand new CUBE. But, the numbers just werent right... so we decided not to get a new car.. on the way out, I spotted A used white vehicle, It was cute, very nice, suv style, leather seats, and preowned buy and older couple (and that was odvious it still looks brand new). I decided to test drive it, and fell inlove! So I had to have it!! Leather is great for spilling on, Its a little higher then my car so its easier to but the carseat in, and NO TRUNK! so i can't stuff things there anymore. haha! Now I am ready to be a mom!


Sierra and Cade said...

WAHOO! What a cute little car! You are set for baby to arrive! Are you getting nervous!? I am so excited for you.. I want you to post some pictuers from the baby shower too!!

The Mangum's said...

love the "M" that is darling!! YAY for new cars! I love it!!

heather; said...

Haley! I am so glad I have an amazingly creative friend like you! So happy that when I want to reupholster my couch, I'd LOOOVEEEE you're help. ;)
Oh! And I really love your car!
I'll put my child in your car with yours. ;)